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Update of Work
When I am not writing I usually carry my camera with me or paint new pictures, either for exhibitions or just for myself. In any case, this site will be updated regularly - by which I mean that  I will post new work and remove old one from time to time. Recently sold paintings stay on for a while; as to the photographs I leave the ones I particularly like and add new ones when I feel  like it. And if I am tired of certain ones ... they simply disappear.   
Prints and cards
Every painting and photograph is available on demand as a giclée print or as a greeting card. 
The price of prints will be dependant on the size; please email me for a quote.
Cards   are £2 each with a minimum purchase of 5 (not necessarily the same subject)
Comments are always most welcome, positive and negative ones alike - well, to be honest maybe not quite so alike. But as an artist I find it important to know what other people think of my work; so, if you want to write a comment in the contact box, I will read it, think about it and answer you in due course.
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