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Short listed for the British Art Prize 2023!


Fur, Feather & Pets in Pastels2.jpg
Land & Sea in Pastels2.jpg

My tiles are unique pieces, mostly painted with alcohol inks, which have a strong luminosity, or with acrylics which allow interesting technical variations. Once dry, the tiles are glazed with a coat of resin; this makes them durable and wonderfully shiny.

Each tile has a hook at the back and little pads which prevent it from tilting forward when hung on the wall. 

They cost £35 each, if not stated otherwise on the pop-up image.

Tile painting with alcohol inks
painted tile
tile painted with alcohol inks
Tile painting with acrylics and gold leaf
tile painting with acrylics and golden leaves
Tile painting with acrylics
Tile painting with acrylics

Classic Title

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